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Gutemberg Dos Santos





Gutemberg Dos Santos is a strategic leader located in Las Vegas, Nevada. A forward-thinking professional by nature, Gutemberg is focusing his efforts on exploring business models fueled by blockchain, artificial intelligence, and innovative technological developments. Possessing a deep interest in startups, Gutemberg is constantly seeking new ways in which these companies can impact larger industries — namely finance, healthcare, and environmental sustainability.

From a very young age, Gutemberg Dos Santos has been intrigued by the traits necessary to run a successful business. As such, he began his first venture at just 11 years old, when he founded a small resale business and attracted so much attention he turned a profit on day one. As he grew into his teenage years, Gutemberg became all the more committed to forging a path to success and, ultimately, establish a business of his own. At 17 years old, Gutemberg met Hagen Horst, a mentor who would make a lasting impact on his personal and professional trajectory.

Upon entering his 20s, Gutemberg Dos Santos already accrued impressive amounts of experience in international business, having executed and overseen a number of high-value transactions. It was at this time that Gutemberg decided to showcase his innovative nature and began laying the groundwork for an international company that specialized in hardware and software distribution.

This venture flourished by the time Gutemberg turned 22 years old. As such, he chose to take his experience into a land of greater opportunity: the United States. Making this move from Brazil was not necessarily easy, however, he strove to bridge the cultural, language, and business gaps he was faced with. While the effort Gutemberg Dos Santos put forth was great, his reward was even greater, as he was afforded the opportunity to sponsor high-profile sports matches under the UFC and other recognizable organizations.

After operating in this capacity for some time, Gutemberg found his way back to the greater business world, where he was entrusted with leading ZeroAgua, a device designed to clean vehicles without the excessive use of water. This opportunity led Gutemberg to achieve one of his greatest goals: striking a balance between commercial success and environmental sustainability.

Now, Gutemberg Dos Santos is managing thousands of people while maintaining network marketing groups in over 109 countries. Furthermore, he dedicates much of his free time to researching emerging trends in the market — from the ways in which blockchain is changing vital business transactions and how startups are creating their own cryptocurrencies, to how drones will impact the distribution sector.

To glean further insight into Gutemberg’s professional experience, as well as his perspectives on technology, be sure to visit his blog page frequently!